Volkwagen’s All-Electric Camper Isn’t Your Typical Hippie Van

Who doesn’t remember the VW vans that hippies, surfers and cross-country wanderers used to drive back in the ‘60s? Volkswagen’s new Type 2 has been rebranded as the “ID Buzz” and it promises more storage space and power than it’s ancestors. The eco-friendly car is made with recycled synthetic materials, and the interior is completely free of any leather, but still maintains a lounge-like feel. With an onboard 91 kWh battery, drivers should achieve a range of well over 250 miles before a recharge is necessary. Charging to 80% can be achieved in as little as 30 minutes. Autonomous features include the Car2X, which uses signals from other vehicles and the infrastructure to spot hazards in real time, and Memory Function for automated parking on a previously saved route. Volkswagen believes the van will be part of the future of inner-city transportation, where trips are shared by multiple passengers in vehicles hailed by apps. Prices are still to be officially confirmed for the U.S. model due in 2024, though it will reportedly start in the neighborhood of $50,000. Think about it.......that's double what hippies of the ‘60s paid for a HOUSE!