Clueless Men Share the Moment They Thought They Aced It

We’ve all heard the saying "men are from Mars and women are from Venus." One thing’s for sure — things can get pretty comical. Now, people from around the world have been flocking to social media to share hilarious pictures of the moments men thought they had nailed a solution to a problem, even if was slightly unconventional. From lugging babies around in handbags to using a hairbrush as a makeshift toilet brush, these pictures show the times men thought they aced it, but probably made things worse.
This dad found the perfect way to lug his baby around without losing  track him. No word on what mom had to say.

We will never look at a hairbrush in the same way after seeing this makeshift toilet brush handle.

This is when you find out just how much your friends trust you

No doorknob? No problem… long as you have a wrench

Why buy a toothbrush holder when a perfectly good orange will do?

This is what happens when you send a man to buy ice cream that’s on sale

Genius? One problem: It won’t hold any toilet paper roll.