Home Depot Is Selling DIY Homes For Under $50,000

As mortgage rates and rents skyrocket, Americans are increasingly turning to creative ways to get onto the property ladder. Now, Home Depot is offering pre-fabricated tiny homes, but there’s a catch — the buyers must build the houses themselves. The 366-square-foot, 1-bedroom Sea Breeze model (pictured above) currently sells for $23,591, while the 444-square foot, 2-bedroom Rose Cottage sells for $31,887. The kit comes with a steel structure and the components to assemble them and is delivered to the customer’s door. The second catch is that the homes don’t include doors, windows or finishes. These add-ons would have to be purchased separately through Home Depot. Buyers are also responsible for installing the plumbing and electric to turn the tiny structure into a fully functional home. Still, with houses selling for an average of $436,800 today, you can't beat a tiny home.......even if you do have to DIY.

Rose Cottage