The Beach In the Maldives That Actually Glows In the Dark

Remember being fascinated by fireflies when you were a kid, amazed that the tiny bugs glowed in the dark? For those who are still secretly fascinated by all things glow-in-the-dark, there’s a beach in the Maldives that is filled with glowing blue dots and it’s amazing. Vaadhoo Island is located just north of the Maldives in the Huvadhu Atoll. During certain times of the year, the island gives visitors a show that’s beyond beauty — the phenomenon of bioluminescence. This mesmerizing beach is covered in tiny microorganisms called ostracod crustaceans that glow for seconds or even minutes at a time when they come into contact with the water’s surface. The bioluminescent creatures contain a unique compound called luciferin, which, when exposed to oxygen, causes a chemical reaction that emits a beautiful glow. The magic doesn't happen every night, but several times a year, especially in the summer.