Sweden Is Building the World's First Permanent Electrified Road For Electric Vehicles To Charge While Driving

As European countries are rushing to prepare the infrastructure needed for fossil fuel-free mobility, Sweden is starting off by turning a highway into a permanent electrified road, the first of its kind in the world. On an electrified road, electric cars and trucks will be able to recharge while driving. Experts say dynamic charging allows them to travel longer distances with smaller batteries, and to avoid waiting at charging stations. In addition, it can reduce the size of electric car batteries by up to 70%, making EVs cheaper for everyone. The country is converting 13 miles of European route E20 into an “e-motorway.” The plan is to electrify an additional 1,900 miles by 2035. The price of electrified highways will depend largely on what type of system Sweden chooses, but it’s estimated that it will cost in the neighborhood of $9.5 billion.