The Body That Was So Fat It Set a Crematorium On Fire

In 2014, Southside Cremation, a crematorium in Henrico, Va., caught fire. Neighbors could see the smoke billowing from the smokestack and called the fire department. An investigation into the cause of the fire revealed that the fire started as a result of the size of the body the crematorium was processing at the time. When it comes to handling obese bodies, extra steps are taken to ensure the cremation process goes smoothly. The employee on duty at the time took all the proper precautions, but things took an unexpected turn. At 500 pounds, the body was so obese that body fat came off and went straight up the sack and hit the roof material, starting a fire. There were three people inside the plant at the time of the fire. All were able to get out unharmed. The fire was contained to the roof and was under control in about 30 minutes. As for the 500-pound body, the company was able to finish preparing it the next day.