Researchers Turn Dead Birds Into Drones

In a somewhat morbid turn of events, scientists are reportedly making dead bird drones. Researchers at the University of New Mexico are using taxidermy techniques to preserve dead birds in order to outfit them with drone components such as motors, propellers and sensors. Drones have long been modeled after birds and their flight mechanics, so it’s no surprise that engineers would use their bodies to make the perfect drone. Scientists have found that bird drones can fly and maneuver in ways traditional drones can’t. For example, bird drones are able to fly close to the ground and through narrow gaps. Bird drones can also be less obtrusive than traditional drones, which may be noisy and disruptive. Since they’re quieter, bird drones could even be used for wildlife monitoring or scientific research without disturbing the animals being studied. While the concept of turning dead birds into drones may seem macabre, researchers believe it could have important implications for the future of drone technology.