Why Don't Mattresses Come With Handles Anymore?

This is a question that has likely kept you from sleeping at night, and even if it hasn’t, there’s a good reason for why mattresses no longer have handles. It’s hard to pinpoint when handles began to be phased out, but it’s been noted as far back as 2003 that they were on the decline. The reason why you don’t see them anymore is because consumers were using them for the wrong reason. The handles were originally stitched into the fabric of mattresses for the purpose of positioning it on the foundation. Instead, people were using them to flip and/or carry the mattresses. Using the handles to carry the mattresses resulted in tearing the fabric. Most newer mattresses don’t require flipping, which makes the handles unnecessary. Removing the handles reinforces to consumers the fact that mattresses don’t have to be turned. To facilitate moving mattresses, there are heavy duty mattress bags that come with handles and zip over your mattress for easy transport. As for the mattress tag, it’s not illegal to remove it, but if you need warranty service — let’s say the handles of your mattress have been ripped off — the company will need the information on that tag.