Black Bear Breaks Into a Vehicle and Guzzles 69 Cans of Soda

Sharon Rosel of British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast was awakened by her dog around 3 a.m. one day last week. When she looked outside, she saw a black bear surrounded by shattered glass from her car window. It turns out that the black bear with a sweet tooth had broken into her car and began guzzling dozens of cans of soda. Puncturing the cans with its teeth and slurping down the soft drinks, the bear managed to go through 69 of the 72 cans of soda Rosel had left in her car. The bear started with the orange soda, before making its way through the cola and root beer, stopping when it reached the diet soda. Rosel said she tried throwing cold water on the bear from her balcony, to no avail. The bear ripped apart the car’s leather interior, broke the window roller handle by standing on it, and spilled soda everywhere, including inside the gear shifter. Rosel, who owns a food truck, said she had purchased the soda for her business the previous evening, never dreaming that a bear would be attracted to it. The next morning she found a sticky mess in the car and crushed soda cans all over her driveway. She’s now hoping that her insurance covers at least some of the damage.