Sliding Home With Flexible Design Can Open To Glass in Summer and Close for Cozy Winter

This $1 million “sliding home” might be the perfect solution for temperamental weather — it adapts to the changing seasons by exposing its glass structure and closing back up for a cozy winter. The unique 3-bedroom house in the English countryside of Suffolk is covered by a moving wooden casing that’s been wowing house hunters since it went on the market earlier this month. The glass-fronted conservatory area is sheltered by its innovative shell until the walls and roof slide backward to fully expose the sun. The 6-minute transformation also reveals an open-air bathroom on the first floor and a previously-covered courtyard. It ends its solar-powered retraction over a detached annex containing the third bedroom and another living area. The solar and wind-powered home doesn’t need to take any power from the national grid and the innovative shell can even be removed completely to make a free-standing barn.