Toblerone to Drop Their Iconic Matterhorn Logo Under New Rules

Toblerone is no longer going to be the “Matterhorn of chocolate.” The Swiss milk chocolate brand recently announced that it will be dropping the iconic Alpine mountain design from its candy bars because it’s shifting some of it’s production out of Switzerland. Under strict “Swissness” regulations introduced in 2017, that means the chocolate maker can no longer feature symbols of Swiss provenance like the country’s red-and-white flag or the famous 14,690-foot Matterhorn. Additionally, the Toblerone packaging will now read “established in Switzerland,” rather than “of Switzerland.” The announcement follows a 2022 decision by Mondelēz to move some of its Toblerone production to nearby Slovakia, where the company produces Milka chocolate — also originally made in Switzerland. The latest change will end a 115-year association between the mountain and the candy bar.