Husband of the Teacher Killed By a Student Dances For Her At Her Funeral

Agnès Lassalle was killed by one of her students at the Saint Thomas Aquinas Middle and Secondary School in southwestern France. The Spanish teacher, who worked at the private Catholic school, was stabbed by a 16-year-old suffering from mental problems. A single stab to the heart left her no way out. Other students alerted authorities, who arrested the perpetrator. During the last farewell to the teacher, her husband, Stéphane Voirin, danced for her to the tune of their favorite song, Frank Sinatra’s “Love.” He explained that he wanted to dance to the tune of that song for the last time as a gesture of love for his deceased wife, a way of remembering their their marriage and the beautiful moments that characterized it. Soon, friends and family joined in the dance to celebrate the beloved teacher’s life.