The World’s Largest Department Store Is Also a Tourist Attraction

Covering an area as big as 5 football fields and selling over 100,000 products in 25 different departments. Gekås Ullared is not only the largest department store in the world, but Sweden’s most popular tourist attraction. The tiny town of Ullared in the south of Sweden is home to about 800 people. Yet, thousands of people from all over the world flock to the town every day. That’s because of the world-famous department store that was founded in 1963. Holding the current world record for the largest department store, it has a total of 2,000 employees and can accommodate up to 5,500 shoppers at one time. With around 5 million visitors per year, it generates significant revenue and is considered Sweden’s most popular tourist attraction. During the summer, around 3,000 visitors spend the night in the store’s own housing complex, which features motels, log cabins, and campsites. The draw for shoppers is that Gekås Ullared is one of the cheapest stores in the country, with deals that other stores simply can’t beat. Most items typically sell for two-thirds less than in other stores. So, how big is the world’s biggest department store? It covers an area 376,735 square feet, which makes it larger than the largest Walmart in the U.S.