Boxes of Limited Edition Girl Scout Cookies Are Selling For Hundreds On eBay

The new Raspberry Rally Girl Scout Cookies, which were made available just two months ago, have already sold out. As with anything that becomes a rare commodity, the cookies now have people going to great lengths to snag a box, with some willing to pay hundreds on eBay. The tasty treat, which is considered a “sister cookie” to the beloved Thin Mints, was available only online and quickly became a hit with customers. Now that they’re no longer available to buy, the cookies are popping up on eBay, with single packages going for $25 and bundles of 20 packages going for upwards of $450. Typically, the boxes would sell for $5 each. In a statement issued by the Girls Scouts of the USA, the organization said they're disappointed about the unauthorized resales and saddened that sellers are “disregarding the core mission of the cookie program and looking to make a profit off the name without supporting our mission.” eBay maintains that selling the cookies on their platform doesn’t violate their policies.