Winds of Change: Turbine Turns Traffic Into Energy

On the side of a busy main road leading into Dundee, on the east coast of Scotland, a small wind turbine spins in the wind of passing cars and trucks. As it rotates, it charges a battery that’s located below ground. The turbine stands 8 feet tall and is made of recyclable carbon fiber. Weighing just 19 pounds, it's is easy to transport and install. The fully-charged battery can run two lamps and a fan for around 40 hours. Cities are now interested in the turbine for powering traffic lights and road signs in urban areas. There's just one obstacle: production costs. Capture Mobility, the company responsible for the development of the turbine acknowledges that they must be affordable in order to reach a commercial scale. With the company receiving funding from Shell Corporation, it now plans to send the prototype to manufacturers.