When It Comes To Natural Disasters, Michigan Is the Safest State In the U.S.

Anyone who has ever lived in Michigan knows that the weather is a bit wacky. Residents can suffer through sub-zero temperatures one week, only to see 60ยบ weather the next. The roller coaster nature of Michigan can be frustrating at best. However, it tops the lists of states you’d want to live in to avoid natural disasters. Most earthquakes happen on the west coast, the plains states make up “Tornado Alley,” and the southeast is susceptible to hurricanes. In fact, virtually every state is at risk for a natural disaster of some kind……..except one — Michigan. According to NOAA, Michigan’s peninsulas are in little danger of earthquakes, tornadoes or hurricanes. While the state has experienced these natural disasters, they haven’t seen them on the scale of other parts of the country. Now, if you’re talking blizzards, Michigan will probably be at the top of that list.