These Giant LEGO-Like Building Blocks Let You Build Your Own Home

LEGO began selling their famous building blocks in 1949, and kids have been constructing tiny cities, castles and cars with them ever since. One of those kids, Gabriel Lakatos, loved the interlocking building block toys so much that he founded a company that manufacturers “big boy” building blocks that can be used to construct homes. Lakatos, a Belgian construction specialist with over 25 years experience, had one goal in mind: To make home construction less complicated and more affordable. Just like a LEGO set, Gablok supplies you with pre-insulated wooden blocks and an assembly plan, but it all starts with your vision. Once you have plans drawn up with an architect and submit them to Gablock, the company adapts your plans to the dimensions of their wooden blocks and sends you a quote. Once that’s settled, Gablock will ship a pallet to you with only the blocks you need and step-by-step instructions on how to assemble them. Then, you’re ready to get started on your LEGO dream home. There’s no jointing system and very few tools are required because you just push the blocks into place. The insulated wooden blocks interlock to form the structure of the house. The blocks of the outer walls are secured by a system of vertical battens that provide support for the structure. The blocks require no drying time, so you can move directly to the next part of your build. The average LEGO-style home can be completed in less than a week, with kits starting at $104,000.