Bobbie the “Wonder Dog" Who Traveled From Indiana to Oregon

Pets can be incredible companions. They make us laugh, help us combat loneliness, and their unconditional love wins them special sway over our hearts. Sometimes, our pets do incredible things that defy all odds, and that’s exactly what happened to the Brazier family of Silverton, Oregon. In August of 1923, the family left their home and took a road trip to visit relatives in Indiana. They took their dog Bobbie with them, but when they stopped at a gas station at Wolcott, Ind., Bobbie was chased off by a group of local dogs. The family searched Bobbie for days, even going so far as to put up posters around town and a notice in the local newspaper. Heartbroken, they had to return home to Oregon without their beloved dog. What they didn’t know was that they hadn’t seen the last of Bobbie. On a February day in 1924, one of the Brazier daughters stepped out of the cafe her family owned and saw something miraculous. Bobbie was walking down Main Street. He was mangy, dirty and underweight, and his toenails had been worn down to almost nothing. Against all odds, Bobbie had managed to traverse 2,551 miles of plains, deserts and mountains. His journey home earned him the name “Bobbie the Wonder Dog” and his incredible story quickly spread across the country. Bobbie’s journey was ultimately confirmed by numerous witnesses who had reported seeing Bobbie at campsites between Indiana and Oregon, which is where he was fed enough to keep him going. Bobbie went on to live another 3 years before passing away in 1927. Today, there’s a statue of Bobbie and a replica of his special doghouse that sit in Silverton, and every year the residents of the town pay tribute to the local legend with an annual pet parade.