The World’s Most High-Tech Stroller Is Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere today and the humble baby stroller is no exception. Canadian stroller maker Glüxkind is set to release the world’s most advanced AI-powered baby stroller. The Glüxkind Ella is more than just a stroller. Thanks to advanced technology, it can independently rock your baby to sleep, assist you on uphill and downhill slopes, and constantly monitor your surroundings via an array of sensors and cameras. The battery-operated stroller offers adaptive push-and-brake assistance, which makes difficult terrain a breeze. The stroller’s self-driving capabilities allow it to travel without being steered, leaving the parent or caretaker to interact with the baby. It uses a suite of onboard 360º sensors to detect and follow the sidewalk and avoid obstacles, while remaining within an arm’s reach of the user by detecting the proximity of their smartphone. The stroller also has a built-in white noise generator to lull the baby to sleep. A 3-hour battery charge enables approximately 6 hours of use, and the stroller can be paired with Android and iPhone smartphones with a GPS to keep track of its whereabouts at all times. Of course, technology like this doesn’t come cheap. The Glüxkind Ella will set you back a cool $3,800 for the base model and is set for an April launch.