Dead Author Comes Back To Life 2 Years After the Announcement of Her Death

A Tennessee romance novelist whose own daughter announced her tragic death to friends and fans two years ago recently announced that she’s coming back to writing, and everyone is confused. In September 2020, friends and colleagues of Susan Meachen were shocked to hear that she had taken her own life as a result of online bullying. Someone claiming to be her daughter announced the devastating news on Facebook, and tributes from fans and authors who had worked when her began pouring in. For the next couple of years, Meachen’s Facebook page was used by her family to post tributes to the author, as well as to promote her books. Then, a couple of days ago, someone claiming to be Susan Meachen took to Facebook to announce that she wasn’t dead and was coming back to writing. Of course, fans took to social media to express their outrage, calling the scheme “beyond psychotic.” Meachen wasn’t the most popular author before the hoax, but now her future as an author is questionable. Despite the efforts of journalists around the world, neither Meachen nor her family has been available for comment. Some believe that Meachen faked her death to promote and sell her books. If it turns out that announcement was all an elaborate promotional hoax, Meachen won’t face any legal repercussions, but she will have successfully committed ethical suicide.