Woman’s Hilarious “Mom Police” Skits Have Mothers Everywhere Nodding and Chuckling

Parenting is a tough job no matter how you slice it, and if there isn’t enough humor involved, it’s even harder. Being able to laugh about the pitfalls and woes of parenting is one of the keys to not losing your mind as you strive to raise good human beings. Enter Bridgett Mack, mom, author, motivational speaker, pastor’s wife, and friendly neighborhood “Molice” officer. Practically every parent wishes they had someone on speed dial who could help them when they’re at their wits end or when their offspring are doing something they don’t know how to handle — someone with the authority, power and skill to convince their children to cease their tomfoolery, someone the kids might listen to when they’ve tuned out Mom and Dad — an officer of the peace in the parenting sense. That’s why Mack’s “Molice” skits have gained a following on TikTok. Decked out in a Molice vest that’s stocked with a two-way radio, a stationery pad, a dozen or so pairs of backup glasses, a spatula, a face roller, a fan, and more, Mack plays the role to perfection. If only parents could really call the Molice……..