Password Managers Keep Getting Hacked — Should You Still Trust Them?

The leading password manager, LastPass, recently suffered a second security breach this year, but an expert says password managers still offer the best protection. Even when breached, password managers have complex encryption schemes that still may protect you. The benefits of having a tool that can auto-generate strong passwords on your behalf and input them for you upon navigating to specific sites significantly increases the security at those individual sites. Additionally, these passwords are then stored in an encrypted manner, minimizing the chance an attacker could reverse the encryption and obtain the passwords. In the two LastPass breaches this year, the company stated that no customer data or encrypted password vaults were touched. One way to quickly determine if your email address or phone number has been breached is to use a popular breach aggregation site, such as Have I Been Pwned. Experts warn to take any breach seriously and do your due diligence by securing any accounts that may have been affected.