Arkansas Man Spends 2 Years Building a Treehouse and Now It’s On the Market for $1.25 Million

Mike Fitzgerald spent his childhood outdoors climbing trees and making forts, but he always dreamed of having his own treehouse. When he turned 60, he decided it was time to bring his dream to life. The exterior of the treehouse is supported by four trees, which are oak and hickory. Mike wanted the treehouse to be fully elevated by the trees, without any other support, so he had to consult with an arborist to determine the trees’ health. The treehouse is connected to a lookout patio on another tree via a swinging bridge, which is almost 30 feet long. Mike completed the bulk of the interior work himself, including the cabinets and bathrooms. The treehouse, which is loft-style, has a primary living area downstairs and a movable ladder that’s used to access the sleeping quarters upstairs. A spiral staircase connects the primary living area to the upstairs. Construction took 2 years and 4 months to complete, with the estimated cost of the build landing somewhere between $600,000 and $700,000. Mike put the entire property on the market for $1.25 million, but until he finds a new owner, he’ll be renting the place out on Airbnb for $486 a night.