The Special Starbucks That's Only For CIA Employees

Starbucks stores can be found just about anywhere, even in some rather unusual locations, but there’s one location you won’t be able to find on any map. That’s because it’s located inside CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Unless you’re a CIA employee, you won’t be able to order a mocha latte or anything else from that store. This particular Starbucks is there to help “humanize the environment” for CIA employees working under high pressure and high-level security. Those employees are also a captive audience of thousands of analysts, agents, engineers, cartographers, and other workers who might be considered caffeine-addicted personality types. Although the interior looks just like any other Starbucks, it goes by the nondescript name “Store Number 1” on its receipts. Some have dubbed it “Stealthy Starbucks.” Baristas, who have to undergo extensive background checks and are escorted around the premises, are also prohibited from writing customer names on the cups. There are also no rewards cards for fear that the information could end up in the wrong hands. While the stealthy Starbucks might not be the busiest location in the world, it does see constant long lines that stretch down the hallway in the morning.