An 8th-Grader Challenged His Teacher To a Dance-Off and She Delivered

It can’t be said enough: Teachers deserve kudos, high fives, accolades and raises for everything they do. Even if they just stuck to academics alone, they would be worth far more than they get. There are, of course, teachers who go above and beyond in connecting with their students in an effort to build character, and Yolanda Turner of Sumner High Academy in Riverview, Fla., is one of them. One of Turner’s 8th grade students recently challenged her to a dance-off and she took the challenge. The student really thought he had Turner, but she proved him wrong when she took him out with her dance moves. “I really try to emphasize for the kids to be their authentic selves and to really never be afraid to express who they are, no matter who’s watching,” said Turner. The video has gone viral, amassing millions of views in a matter of days. For this long-time educator, moments like this are all about connecting with students both in and out of the text books, giving each their time to shine.