Why Do We Kiss at Midnight on New Year’s Eve?

New Year's Eve is the last hurrah of the year. It's the final event in a holiday binge of eating, drinking, and celebrating. It's a time to don glitzy outfits, reflect on the past, and ponder future resolutions ... and then there's the New Year's kiss at the stroke of midnight. Whether you ring in the new year in front of the television, watching the Times Square ball drop, or toasting champagne at an upscale nightclub, tradition makes a case for celebrating the new year with people you enjoy. According to English and German folklore, the first person you encounter in a new year — and the nature of this encounter — sets the tone for the rest of the year. A kiss is about strengthening ties you wish to maintain in the future. If a couple that celebrates together doesn't take the time to lock lips, legend holds that it doesn't bode well for the relationship. Of course, making sure both parties are fully consenting far outweighs the concerns anyone of us should have about possibly missing out on a New Year's kiss.