How To Eat For Free With the New App From Olio

You know the saying: “There’s an app for that”……well, apparently there really is an app for just about everything. Now there’s one that connects you to neighbors and local businesses who have leftover food they don’t want to waste. You can use the Olio app for food that’s nearing its sell-by date in shops and supermarkets, excess home-grown veggies, bread from local bakers, or the perishables in someone's refrigerator they're looking to donate before they go on vacation. Users simply snap a picture of their surplus food and add it to Olio, where neighbors receive customized alerts and can request anything that strikes their fancy. Pick-up then takes place at the home or store, an Olio Drop Box, or another agreed upon location. There are currently well over a million people registered on Olio across 32 countries, so it’s likely you’ll have someone in your neighborhood who is participating. Whether it’s people wanting to eat for free or those who don’t want to throw away good food, it’s a way for people to get involved in preventing waste.