Here’s Why Your Car Isn’t Rolling On Airless Tires …….. Yet

Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to worry about a flat tire? You could drive anywhere, roaming the globe, traveling to remote locations without a worry. Well, stop dreaming — they already exist and they’re called airless tires. Tire manufacturing giants such as Goodyear and Michelin are finally developing airless tire technology for passenger cars, and there are many advantages beyond no more flat tires. You won’t have to carry a spare tire in your car, which not only opens up space, but also reduces the vehicle’s weight, which in turn increases fuel efficiency. There won’t be any blowouts, which drastically reduces road hazards, and because airless tires are puncture-proof, there will be fewer road hazards. So what’s the catch? While you won’t have to worry about flat tires, airless tires aren’t indestructible. Without air, the heat created from road friction can't be dissipated, meaning increased chances of overheating, damage, or failure. What’s more, the stiffness of the airless tires transmits more road irregularities into the suspension, which sends vibrations to occupants. So, you’ll need to prepare for a bumpy ride. Finally, they’ll likely come with a higher price tag. Goodyear and Michelin haven’t disclosed their market prices yet, but it's a safe bet airless tires won’t come cheap — at least not in the beginning. The tires are still in the testing stage, but Michelin plans to have them ready by 2024 and Goodyear by 2030.