New NYC Tourist Attraction Has a "No Skirts" Rule — for a Very Good Reason

One Vanderbilt is a 93-story skyscraper in New York’s midtown, located on the corner of 42nd Street and Vanderbilt Avenue. While most of the building is occupied as office space, a brand-new observation deck called SUMMIT takes up floors 91 through 93. This attraction is quite different from other NYC observation decks like the Empire State Building. SUMMIT is a 3-story attraction made of mostly glass and mirrors. The decks are designed so that while you’re on a lower level, you can look up and see other visitors floating above you. As the old saying goes, those who visit glass observatories shouldn’t wear skirts. The potential issue made itself known when a test group visited SUMMIT before its grand opening on Oct. 21. Although pants are not required, they are suggested. Those who come in kilts or dresses need to be aware of the potential of other visitors to see things wearers of skirts might expose. Those who arrive in this attire but are unaware can request a free pair of stretchy black shorts. There is also a non-reflective privacy path throughout the space for guests who feel uncomfortable walking over reflective surfaces. While visitors who show up in a skirt won't be penalized, those who show up in certain shoes might. Guests who arrive in footwear that might damage the mirrored floors, such as stiletto heels and steel-toed boots, will have to change.