Munchkin Cats: The Wiener Dogs of the Feline World

The Munchkin is one of the world’s newest cat breeds. Weighing an average of 4-9 pounds, their short legs are the remarkable feature that sets them apart. Their stature is the result of an autosomal gene. The cost of a single Munchkin kitten can range from several hundred dollars to $2,000 and more. Munchkin cats are short on stature, but long on controversy. Short-legged cats have been reported for decades, but it wasn't until the mid-1980s that Sandra Hochenedel found a pregnant short-legged cat near her Louisiana home. Hochenedel named the cat Blackberry. The litter Blackberry produced included short- and long-legged kittens. One of the short-legged kittens, a male named Toulouse, was gifted to Kay LaFrance, who also was instrumental in the breed's initial recognition. Today, all Munchkin cats can be traced back to Blackberry and Toulouse. Unfortunately, the Cat Fanciers Association and the American Cat Fanciers Association don't recognize Munchkins as a breed because they believe the genetic mutation that gave the Munchkin its short legs would create negative health conditions. However, those health issues haven't cropped up for the breed, and the Munchkin, by and large, seems to be as healthy as other types of cats. What Munchkins have going for them, and what makes them so desirable, is the fact that they’re true extroverts. They love people, other cats, and even dogs. They’re curious and intelligent cats, and they want nothing more than to become someone’s lap cat.