Iowa Bar Offers Cocktails and Karaoke — But No Alcohol

A new bar in Iowa offers cocktails, karaoke and pizza, but one common bar feature is absent from the business: alcohol. Unimpaired, which opened its doors this month in Iowa City, is aimed at giving people a place to play games and socialize without the pressure to consume alcohol. Co-founder Amber Haines said the business set its sights on Iowa City after opening its first location in Davenport last year. Haines went on to explain that she's four years sober, but she still likes to go out and socialize. The problem she faced was finding a place to enjoy karaoke without being faced with alcohol. That's when she decided there needed to be such a place, especially around a college to accommodate the underage crowd. The bar is partnering with the University of Iowa to offer events for students in an alcohol-free environment. "We're more set out to prove that a bar could be more of a social atmosphere," said Haines. Amanda O'Donnell, the general manager of the Iowa City location, said she was excited by the unique aspects of the business. "I definitely hadn't heard of anything like this before," said O'Donnell. "I didn't even know there were so many options that you could try or choose and still have a bar-like feel."