Woman Gets Trapped Inside Her House After a Package is Left in a Very Unsuitable Place

Holly Ciampaglio, from Philadelphia, was shocked to discover that she was trapped inside her house after an Amazon delivery driver left her package in a very unsuitable spot. She explained that she had been unable to open the front door due to the oversized parcel being placed right in front of it. She anxiously tried to wave down a neighbor, to no avail. Out of frustration, she took to social media to post her hilarious encounter with the package that had her trapped. Commenters began to hand out advice, with one saying to call the local police department (not 911) and they would send someone to help. “They will laugh at you, but they WILL help,” the person wrote. As it turned out, some friends of Holly’s were dropping someone off at the train station close by, and she asked them to come and move the package. About 3 hours after the ordeal began, Holly was finally able to get out of her door. There’s no word on whether Amazon was notified, or if this might happen to someone else in the future.