Cybertruck Goes Rogue, Speeds Down the Driveway and Crashes Into a Neighbor’s House

A Tesla Cybertruck was caught on camera speeding out of control down a driveway before smashing into a neighbor’s home. The $109,000 vehicle had only been in the owner’s possession for a mere 4 hours when the vehicle’s brakes appeared to malfunction. Surveillance footage shows the distinctive-looking vehicle speeding down the driveway before the screeching of tires can be heard as it rounds a bend. The unidentified owner said the back brakes locked up while the car was accelerating and the steering wheel became unresponsive. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident, though the car didn’t fare so well. Repairs are likely to cost close to $30,000 with a year-long wait for replacement parts. It’s the latest in a string of embarrassing mishaps involving the electric vehicle since it was released in November 2023. Tesla recently issued a fourth recall for vehicles manufactured between Nov. 13, 2023 and May 26, 2024, with around 11,000 Cybertrucks affected. This particular incident in which the car can be seen speeding away is similar to others that have been reported in recent months.