What You Should Do If Space Junk Lands on Your House

A piece of space junk landing on your house is an astronomically unlikely occurrence, but it’s not impossible. So, who is responsible for falling space junk damage? The first payee is likely to be your insurance company, so if this happens to you, give them a call. Homeowner’s insurance policies generally cover property damage from anything that falls from outer space, manmade or natural. Responsibility for damages above what your insurance covers, and for non-property claims like emotional distress, has a more complicated answer — you'll need to hire a lawyer to sort that out. According to the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs 1967 Outer Space Treaty and the 1972 Liability Convention, the government of the country where a launch took place is responsible for the financial compensation for any space junk damage from that launch, no matter what other country it might land in, even if a private company launched the satellite. So, who’s responsible if a flying saucer crashes into your house? It's unlikely you would be able to collect anything above whatever homeowner's insurance coverage you carry — suing Gleepzorp from Romula V would probably be impossible. Space aliens don’t have any money anyway.