What People Are Missing About Haribo Gummy Bears Bags

Gummy bears were originally invented in Germany in the 1920s, evolving from Dancing Bears to Goldbears under the Haribo brand. Its popularity rose after Haribo began selling the gummy candies in the U.S. in 1982. This eventually led to the company releasing new gummy flavors and eventually selling the candies in different shapes. While you may stock up on your favorite gummy bears regularly, there’s a good chance you may have overlooked the easiest way to get into the bag. On the back of the bag there’s a tab. If you pull the tab, it opens the entire bag from top to bottom, with none of the bears inside falling out of the package. Then, to seal the bag, thread the tab through the perforation at the top of the bag and wrap it around the rest of the package to ensure the bag is sealed and folded in half. If you’re still not getting it, check out the video below for a demonstration.