Vet Issues Urgent Warning Against Viral TikTok Hack

Veterinarian Dr. Anna Foreman has issued an urgent warning to dog owners against using a viral social media hack if your dog suffers from travel sickness. The video suggests tying a plastic bag around your dog’s head to catch any vomit and prevent your car from getting messy. Dr. Foreman warns that it’s not safe in any situation and could result in strangulation or asphyxiation of your pooch. Car sickness is common in dogs, and Dr. Foreman recommends safely pulling over at the earliest opportunity if your dog gets sick in your car. That will provide you with an opportunity to clean up any mess and comfort the dog, as they will likely be distressed. Aside from the dangers of having a bag tied around the animal’s head, it’s also confusing to them. Dr. Foreman recommends a couple of things to do if your dog is prone to car sickness. One method is desensitization, which involves taking the dog on shorter car trips, which could increase their tolerance to traveling. Just as with humans, a stream of fresh air can also work wonders. Keep a window open for the dog, while making sure the dog is restrained properly. In more serious cases, medication can be prescribed to help with long journeys. Dr. Foreman says what’s crucial in supporting dogs with car sickness is not to get upset with them. The dog will not associate being scolded with being sick and will likely become confused and stressed.