Here Come the Brides! Woman Dresses All Her Bridesmaids In Wedding Gowns

When Kirsty Stewart, from Liverpool, UK, got married, she asked all of her bridesmaids to wear wedding gowns because she wanted them to get the attention they deserved. The 33-year-old wanted her bridal party to fit with her neutral color scheme and decided to buy bridal dresses she found online for £150 ($190). Despite her bridesmaids’ initial concerns, the confident bride believed she would still “stand out” in her £2,300 ($2900) dress. Kirsty, who is a nurse, revealed that while many brides fear being shown up on their wedding day, she wanted her bridal party to share in the attention because they were a major part of the celebration. She further explained her reasoning by saying, “The groomsmen always wear the same suit as the groom, so I thought why shouldn’t the bridesmaids wear the same dress?”