Two Women Embark On 500-Mile Drive From Jacksonville To Key West In Toy Cars

Lauren Lee and Cassie Aran decided to embark on a 500-mile trip in toy cars, with their hearts set on achieving a new Guinness World Record for the longest distance traveled in the novelty vehicles. The duo, both 29, who have been best friends since kindergarten, aptly kicked off their journey at the Friendship Fountain in Jacksonville in mid-March. The pair worked diligently to follow the many guidelines established by Guinness regulators to prove that the record was made fair and square. One of the key rules is that they had to document every single stop, every single day. They were expected to keep meticulous records of daily average and maximum speeds, as well as the exact distance traveled. The pair also asked hotel staffers on duty to sign their “witness book” and to take pictures of them outside each hotel. The cars can go at a pace of between 6mph and 11mph, a range at which most people can maintain a running pace. They also collected bumper stickers from every town along their route. When they spent the night in hotels, they stored their cars in their rooms. Each car weighs 78 pounds, without luggage, and runs on rechargeable batteries. Cassie and Lauren finally made it to their destination when they pulled into Key West on May 6.