The Woman With the World’s Biggest LIps

Andrea Ivanova (above and inset before surgery), from Bulgaria, is a social media influencer who recently made headlines for having 6 procedures done in a single day as an experiment. She had been warned by doctors that the extra filler could be life threatening. However, in the same breath, her surgeon said the £437 ($548) procedure was important as part of preventive measures to ward off future wrinkles. Andrea’s lips are so big, in fact, that she even had to have filler injected into either side of her nose to balance things out. Although the former psychology student, who has spent more than £20,000 ($25,084) on lip filler alone, complained of the pain involved, she said she’s pleased with the results. Her primary care physician, however, is concerned about necrosis of the tissue in her lips. Andrea says she will continue with the facial procedures, despite the warnings from several medical personnel.