The Moment the Emcee Makes Hilarious Mispronunciations of Very Common Names at a Pennsylvania Nursing School Graduation

A video of a graduation ceremony for nursing students at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia has left people either scratching their heads or laughing hysterically. The video shows the presenter mispronouncing the name Molly Elizabeth Camp as “Mollina-zabeth-cap,” and Thomas as “Tha-mo-may.” Some students, decked out in their caps and gowns for the big moment, appeared to find the mistakes frustrating, and one even tried to correct the presenter. Others offered a wry smile as they made their way across the graduation stage to receive their degree. The unidentified presenter later apologized for the mistakes, explaining that it was due to the way the phonetic spellings were presented on the prompter cards. The university also offered their sincerest apologies: "This ceremony is a celebration of the significant achievements of our students, and each graduate deserves to have their name honored correctly on this pivotal day.” Needless to say, commenters on social media were outraged: “Please tell me how one can be allowed to speak at college commencement and mess up that badly,” wrote one commenter. Another wrote: “I would be heartbroken if I spent all that money and time for that degree just to have my name mispronounced.” However, one of the graduates posted: “This was my graduation and it was so funny we couldn’t stop laughing.”