Couple Inherits 1973 Property From Parents Who Never Got Rid of Anything

Nostalgic vacationers can now enjoy a 1970s experience by staying in an incredible retro bungalow in England that’s just like a time capsule for the decade. The meticulously restored home in Lancashire, where houses typically sell for £500,000 ($625,000), has vibrant wallpaper, bright colors, lava lamps, fondue sets, and era-appropriate house plants. The house is currently owned by Nigel and Melissa Peter, who inherited the house from Nigel’s father, who built the house in 1973. Instead of renovating the 2-bedroom house, the Peters decided to turn it into a “'70s living experience” where guests can stay overnight and celebrate the era. Keeping what was there, they added some 1970s memorabilia they found in thrift shops and on eBay. However, they removed the original wallpaper because it was fading but stayed true to the era by replacing it with authentic wallpaper from the ‘70s. The couple also furnished the property with gaudy carpeting with a swirl design, vibrant outdoor furniture, ‘70s-inspired bedding, and a television in a wooden cabinet to complete the look. Meanwhile, the kitchen is decked out in bright green daisies. The couple also offers some 1970s clothing to allow people to embrace as much of the experience as they wish. Guests can book a stay at the bungalow for around £400 ($500) for two people for two nights.