Simple Brain Exercises To Keep Your Mind Sharp and Active

With a rise in dementia cases becoming a very real fear for most Americans, many people have become hyper-focused on dementia-related conditions. Dr. Richard Restak, Clinical Professor of Neurology at George Washington University Hospital School of Medicine and Health Sciences, says there are preventive measures you can take to keep your brain sharp and build your memory. Have your hearing and vision tested periodically is important. Most people think the first signs of dementia are memory loss and confusion, but poor vision and hearing can often be mistaken for early signs of dementia. The social aspect of preventing dementia is often overlooked, which is why it’s important to be socially active. Meet new people who have the same interests and keep your mind engaged in the here and now. Find ways to keep your mind busy with memory exercises like finding the definition of a new word every day. Finally, exercise and physical activity are important for living a healthy lifestyle. “What’s good for the brain is good for the heart, too,” said Dr. Restak. Do things you enjoy, like reading novels, traveling, listening to music, or working in the garden.