People Have Been Mispronouncing Top Vacation Spots Around the World

It happens more often than not — you’ve remembered all your essentials, booked a cab from the airport, secured a beautiful vacation rental, but when you arrive, you get funny looks from all the locals because you’ve mispronounced your destination. To save you from embarrassing yourself on your next trip, here are some of the most commonly mispronounced places around the globe, with their correct and incorrect pronunciations revealed.

Queensland’s capital, Brisbane, is commonly mispronounced as “Briz-bain,” but the correct way to say it is “Briz-bn.”

The South Asian country of Maldives is commonly mispronounced “MAL-deeves,” when in reality it’s pronounced “MULL-deeves.”

The tiny village of Mousehole in Cornwall, England, is often mispronounced as “mouse-hole.” In reality, the correct pronunciation is “mow-zuhl.”

When visiting Thailand, many tourists mispronounce the city of Phuket by saying “foo-ket,” when in reality it’s pronounced “Poo-ket.”

The Middle Eastern country of Qatar is often mispronounced “cutter,” but the actual pronunciation is “kuh-TAR.”

Many tourists visiting Iceland's most popular city might refer to it as "Rek-juh-vick," but it's actually pronounced "Rake-yah-vick.”

If you want to avoid embarrassing yourself in this Paris suburb, don't refer to it as "Ver-sales" or "Ver-say-les.” The correct pronunciation is say "Verse-eye.”

You wouldn’t necessarily know how to pronounced Worcestershire unless you live in England. Most tourists automatically default to “Wore-chest-er-shire” or “War-sest-er-shire,” or even “Wooster-shire,” but the correct pronunciation is “Wuh-stuh-shuh.”