She Was One of the Hottest Stars On TV in the 1970s — How Has She Stayed So Young Looking?

Jaclyn Smith was one of the hottest stars on television in the 1970s, when Charlie’s Angels made her a global superstar. Since then, she has made a string of made-for-TV movies and created a blockbuster clothing line that has made her a fortune. A recent photo — showing her looking young and blonder than ever — has her fans wondering how she manages to look as young as her 41-year-old son. The 78-year-old says she does her best to exercise regularly and practices yoga, adding that a green smoothie can do wonders. Although she admits to using face peels and rejuvenating lasers, she has avoided major cosmetic surgery. “You want to be careful because you want to look like yourself. You don’t want to look plastic,” she said. Despite her age, she has no plans to retire but says, “If it all ended tomorrow, I’d be a happy woman.”
"Charlie's Angels" — Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson

Smith with her son, Gaston Richmond