Half Hotel - Half Jungle: Inside the Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel In Singapore

The Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel in Singapore resembles a giant game of Jenga that’s smothered in foliage, and the bonus is that guests can admire it from a floating bar. The 347-room hotel has four open-air terraces stacked on top of one another, each designed to integrate with nature. One is home to a forest, another has a beach, the third is a garden, and the fourth — and highest — is all about clouds. One terrace up on the 5th floor is the Beach Club loft. The exclusive duplex accommodation comes with perks, including patio doors that open onto a beach. Floor-to-ceiling windows make the views spectacular. Instead of hotel key-cards, guests are fitted with a wristband that opens the doors. The hotel’s 390-foot columns, which tower through the terraces, thrive with flora and fauna that attract birds. None of the terraces are air-conditioned, as the flora helps cool down the environment, and guest rooms have thick, insulated glass windows designed to keep the heat out and the cool in. Room rates start at $263 a night and can reach $4,385 per night for the bigger suites.