Domino's Is Giving Money Back To Customers Who Tip Their Delivery Drivers Well

More dough for your delivery driver means more pizza dough for you. Domino’s is incentivizing customers to be better tippers with the "You Tip, We Tip” promotion, a deal that tips customers who tip their delivery drivers. The promo began on April 29 and rewards customers for tipping $3 or more on a delivery order by giving them a $3 coupon. The discount can then be used on an online delivery order the following week. No matter how much a diner tips (above $3), only one $3 coupon can be earned per order. You can only get one You Tip, We Tip coupon each day, but Domino’s lovers can take advantage of the promotion as many days as they like. Domino’s has not announced an official end date to the deal.