Windows 11 Users Will See Start Menu Show Ads Starting Soon

As if it's not bad enough that more and more online services are filled with pesky ads, now Windows users won’t be able to open their browser without them popping up. That’s because Microsoft will soon begin pushing ads into the Start Menu of Windows 11 with the inclusion of “recommended apps.” Fortunately, there’s an easy way to turn off the ads with a simple change to your device settings. To do this, simply open “Settings” from the Start Menu and navigate to the “Personalization” section. From there, select “Start” and toggle the option “Show recommendations for tips, app promotions, and more.” Once this has been turned off, the ads in the suggested menu will be permanently disabled. Microsoft says the ads are to enable users to find “some of the great apps that are available.” What may confuse some users is that they will appear in a section of the Start Menu that previously showed apps that are already downloaded, either recently added or commonly used.