Jaw-Dropping “Ice Castle” Hits the Market For $14 Million

If you’ve ever wanted to live out your very own fairy tale, you’re in luck. An incredible “ice castle” that looks like a set from Disney’s Frozen could well provide you with the opportunity……if, of course, you have $14 million to spare. The sprawling mansion in Bedford, Wyoming, is a residence fit for royalty. The luxurious property, which spans 9,470 square feet, offers 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and breathtaking snowy mountain views. Known as Heiner Castle, the property sits on an extravagant 40-acre estate and has a series of unique features, including two towers, a stainless steel staircase, and a carved stone bridge that spans a fairy tale moat. Built in 1992, the house is surrounded by well-maintained grounds and towering trees that provide a natural barrier of privacy. The castle’s most awe-worthy feature is the underground tunnel system that’s accessible via secret holes and hidden passageways that trail into other rooms throughout the house, making the home a whimsical paradise.