Walmart Bakery Slammed Over Disastrous Frosting Fails

When Peyton Chimack, from Bartlett, Illinois, ordered a birthday cake from Walmart, she specified that the words “Aries Baby” be on the cake and that the writing should be small, cursive and in the middle of the cake. The picture below shows what she received: 

Many followers on social media shared their own experiences of getting a messed-up cake from the retailer. One person wrote: “That happened to me. I had it as, 'Not me turning 30,' and they added the word ‘it’s,’ making the cake read 'It’s not me turning 30.'” A second person commented: “We asked for ‘Happy Birthday Max’ in orange and they wrote ‘Happy Birthday Max in Orange’ instead of using orange icing.” Peyton managed to get her cake fixed, as shown in the photo above.