Velveeta Unveils Its First Ever Hair Dye

Velveeta is known for its unapologetic boldness. Leading with cheese, they've dropped a Velveeta Martini, nail polish, ice cream, jewelry, and now hair dye. Whether you want to look like mac & cheese or not, Velveeta Gold is the latest cheese-inspired item from the brand. Velveeta Gold is a limited-edition, yellow, semi-permanent hair dye available on Amazon for $7.50. Created to empower people to live their boldness out loud, the cheese brand tapped the queen of self-expression, Julia Fox (pictured below), to help usher in the product. Anyone who follows Fox knows that she’s definitely a trendsetter, crafting her own unique style and perfectly encapsulating the spirit of the cheese company's "La Dolce Velveeta" mindset. If you're willingly to push the boundaries this summer with a mac & cheesy hair color, then you might want to order the 4-ounce jar, which is enough to cover a head of short hair.